What Tattoo Should I Get? How To Come Up With a Tattoo Idea

Getting a tattoo is not a decision to take lightly, and though you can cover up or remove it in the future if you need to, this isn’t easy. Many people are wondering “what tattoo should I get?” and they want to know how to decide on a tattoo that they’ll be happy with now, and in 30 years’ time!

How to Come up with a Tattoo Idea

How Do You Come Up With Tattoo Ideas

What are some of the best methods to come up with tattoo design ideas? When you are looking into what tattoo is right for you then you should take your time, and take a few of the following tips on board to ensure you get something you’re happy with.

Draw It Yourself

You don’t even have to be an artist to come up with tattoo design ideas by yourself. If you want to get a tattoo you love, and you have a rough idea in your head of what it should look like, you can sketch or draw it yourself. Many tattoo artists will be happy to take this sketch and turn it into a much more professional image, and this can be a way to create something that looks great and has the exact layout you are looking for.

Choose the Best Color

Tattoo inks and techniques are better than ever, and most colors are available. What’s more, they last a lot longer without needing to be redone or filled in once again. Think about what colors will work with the design? Do you want something that is vibrant and complex, or something classy and simple? Many simple mandala and pattern tattoos, as well as lettering, look great in the classic black ink.

Find the Right Artist

This is one of the most vital steps to getting a tattoo you love and you’re happy with. If you get the right tattoo artist then you couldn’t end up with a substandard tattoo.

In the modern age, there’s really no reason not to check out your potential tattoo artist’s work. You have Instagram, Google, and many other resources to find a good tattoo artist. You’ll be able to view their portfolio and check whether they have created tattoos in a similar style to what you are looking for.

Most good artists have a good website, and usually an Instagram page where you can look through all the work that they have done in the past. Maybe they’re a specialist in lettering, but you want a portrait, so find a different artist to work with. When you find the best artist for you, don’t hesitate and get registered for the tattoo consultation.

Think About Where You Want It

Where on your body are you going to get the tattoo? If you are looking for ink that can be covered up to make sure that it doesn’t impact upon your job prospects, then you shouldn’t get something that is too obvious. Something like a facial tattoo is probably out of the question.

This is why so many people opt for the arms for tattoos, as they can be covered up if needed. Workplaces are generally becoming more tolerant, so you might not have to worry too much about it in certain careers.

What is a Good Tattoo for the First Time?

If you are a tattoo first-timer then you might consider getting something small and subtle. Simplicity is usually a good idea in order to get something that won’t be too painful, and gives you a taste of what it is like to be tattooed and to have a tattoo on your body.

Some things you can get as a first-time tattoo include:

  • Simple lettering
  • A small or simple logo that is meaningful to you, such as a band’s logo
  • A significant date
  • A smaller floral tattoo

Anything that is relatively small and doesn’t have too much shading is good for those who aren’t sure whether they want to go all out and get a big or complicated tattoo.

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