Manifest Studio

Fernie Andrade

Fernie grew up in the city of El Monte, CA. He has been tattooing for 20 years and his favorite tattoo style is black and grey, portrait realism. The part of tattooing that he is most passionate about is knowing that his clients walk out at the end of the session, happy with their tattoos. Fernie has won over 100 awards throughout his career during conventions. He has won awards in places like Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, Las Vegas, New York, Dallas, Houston, Oregon, Vancouver, and most notably in Hawaii, Moscow and Rome, Italy. And last, but not least, he has won an award at the epic London convention, where he took 1st place for black and grey! Fernie has also been featured in magazines, such as TATTOO, TattooLife, Bound by Ink, Inked Magazine, Urban Ink, and Tattoo Society. He has also been featured in published book, named Tattoo Prodigies 2.