When does my order ship?

It takes 2-5 business days to ship your order


What can I do if I accidentally order the wrong size or item?

Message us through our “Contact Us” page, and if we haven’t shipped out your order, we will replace it with the correct item. If it has shipped, please follow the exchange directions, located in the Return & Exchange Policy.


Can I exchange an item at your shop?

Yes! If you would like to come by in person to exchange an item, we are open Monday-Saturday, 11am-8pm.


Where can I request a consultation?

You can request a consultation through our “Start a Consultation” form or you can call/text 626) 364-2449


I’m visiting from out of town. What are my options for accommodations?

We have a list of lodging, nearby restaurants, and nightlife available in the Local Amenities section!


Where can I see more of your artist’s work or find out more about your shop?

Please visit our IG: manifest_studio_inc to stay up to date on all our work!


Is there parking available by your studio?

Yes! We have a parking lot behind the building. You are welcome to use while visiting us!