Manifest Studio Offers Tattoo Financing: What You Need to Know

Can’t wait to get that tattoo you wanted for so long to get started? Manifest Studio now offers tattoo financing to get your dream tattoo today. 

Tattoo Shop Financing

Manifest Studio, the best tattoo shop in West Covina, has partnered with Affirm and Klarna so that we can offer our clients financing options for their next tattoo. Please read this article to learn more about this program and how to take advantage of it. 


What is BNPL Tattoo Financing?

BNPL, or buy now, pay later is a financing option that allows you to purchase a product or service and pay for it later. This option is often used for larger purchases, such as a tattoo, that may be difficult to pay for upfront. With BNPL tattoo financing, you can pay for your tattoo in installments rather than all at once.

Tattoo Financing Options

If you are looking for tattoo financing near me, Manifest is the best place to get one. There are a few options for a tattoo payment plan:

  • Pay in full
  • Many tattoo studios will allow you to pay the total cost of your tattoo upfront. This is often the most straightforward option and can help you avoid additional fees or interest.

  • Credit card
  • Some tattoo studios may accept credit card payments, allowing you to finance your tattoo through your credit card company. Be aware that this option may come with additional fees or interest charges.

  • Personal loan
  • If you need to borrow a large amount of money to cover the cost of your tattoo, consider taking out a personal loan. This option may require a credit check and may come with interest charges.

  • Crowdfunding
  • This option allows you to pitch your tattoo idea to potential donors and can be a great way to get support for your tattoo.

    Our Partners


    Klarna is a Swedish financial technology company that offers direct payments, installed plans, and pay-after-delivery options using a one-click purchase experience.


    Affirm is a San Francisco-based financial technology company that lets you pay overtime at your favorite establishments without compounding interest or late fees.

    What do you need?

    The specific terms of a BNPL tattoo financing arrangement may vary. Generally, you will be required to make a deposit or initial payment. This short-term financing scheme can be paid through bank transfer, debit card, or credit check.

    Additionally, you have a better chance of getting approved by our partners if:

    • You are employed
    • You have a solid checking account history for at least six months (no insufficient funds fees and bounced checks)
    • Your bank account must have the agreed percentage of the financing amount on the day of approval


    How is the rest of the balance paid off?

    You must pay the remaining balance monthly. The payment date is usually set on the day you get your tattoo. The amount stated on your payment plan will then be withdrawn from your bank account.

    What is the Limit?

    You can get up to $17,500 worth of tattoos. Get a tattoo consultation at Manifest Studio to find out if our tattoo financing program can cover the tattoo that you want.

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