Things to Consider Before Getting a Face Tattoo

While body art has become frequent, we don’t see face tattoos that often. It takes courage and confidence in your decision to proceed with tattooing your face. If you are thinking about this, you’ve come to the right place.

We’ll discuss why people get face tattoos and which factors to consider before getting one. You’ll even find some inspirational face tattoo ideas, so don’t hesitate to start reading!

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Why Do People Get Face Tattoos?

Everyone has a specific reason for getting a tattoo, regardless of their placement. However, face tattoos are somewhat unique. Here is what usually inspires people to get them:

  • They want to make a strong personal statement.
  • People choose this tattoo to show individuality.
  • They don’t mind attracting attention anywhere they go.

Before you consider getting a face tattoo, you need to consider several things. Here are the questions to ask prior to taking this course of action:

  1. Do you have enough confidence for a face tattoo? People will look at you wherever you go, and most comments won’t be pleasing.
  2. Can it affect your career success? Unfortunately, not all career paths are suitable for those with a face tattoo.
  3. Are you ready to take good care of it?? As the face is exposed to the sun the tattoos are more likely to fade by time and tattoo aftercare is essential for them...

Most tattoo stylists agree that the face isn’t the right place for the first tattoo. People that already have body art more commonly decide for a tattoo on their face.

Best Placements for a Face Tattoo

You decided to go through with it but still don’t know the exact placement of your tattoo. Check out these locations that can be smart choices:

  • Above or around the eyebrow. This is a common area for a name tattoo or any type of writing. You can even add a small symbol.
  • Under the eye. Most people choose the outer corner for a specific symbol or letter.
  • Follow the cheekbone. This can be an interesting choice, but it should fit the overall shape of your face.
  • Below your lip. It’s not that common, but some people pick this for a small tattoo.
  • An entire side of your face. This is a frequent option for a fairly large tattoo, but it can significantly change your overall appearance.
  • The side of an ear. If you have long hair, this might be unnoticeable. Some argue it’s not a face tattoo, especially since it’s fairly easy to hide it.

And remember, even if you decide against a face tattoo, you still have plenty of other options on your body. Whether it’s your chest, forearm, or thigh, the important thing is that you like the result.

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Face Tattoo Ideas and Designs

If you decide to go through with this idea, it’s time to check some potential designs for face tattoos. This is what professional stylists suggest for this tattoo type!

Moon and Sun Symbols

As for symbolism, the common association for the Moon is female energy. Women who want to express their femininity often choose this option. Moon can also represent a dark side or a light shining through the darkness. The Sun features masculine energy but also light and life. These can be great small face tattoo ideas that don’t have to attract much attention.

Horoscope Sign Tattoos

These face tattoos are common, especially since you can’t change your horoscope sign. If you tattoo a name of a loved one, you could break up with them. But if you love your horoscope sign and characteristics, why not show off to everybody?  There are amazing designs available for every sign, whether you are a Sagittarius or Leo.

Tribal Face Tattoo

Mike Tyson is the first one that comes to mind. He’s probably the person with the coolest face tattoo ever. If you think tribal signs would be a good fit for your face, don’t hesitate to consult with our booking managers. It’s important to get the symbolism right and convey the right message. Tribal tattoos allow great freedom when it comes to aesthetics, so it’s good to match them to your facial features.

Ornament Tattoos

Tattooing an ornament on your face can be discreet. The common position is along the line of sideburns since the idea is to make them look like they are hanging. The ornament itself could have an abstract design but also feature any symbol you like.

Words and Symbols

If you are bold enough, you can match words and symbols. Yes, you could tattoo the name of someone close to you. The alternative is to choose one or two-word messages that make a personal statement. Some suggestions include “outcast” or “unique.” You can even add suitable symbols that fit the message and your personality.

Is Face Tattoo Illegal in the US?

There’s no federal law on tattooing on the body or face. However, most states regulate body art by not allowing it to minors and/or requiring parents’ consent.

As for face tattoos, they are illegal in South Carolina. According to local laws, violating these restrictions is a misdemeanor. You could end up paying a fine of $2,500 or spending up to 12 months in jail. Oklahoma is another state that has a specific law and bans scleral tattoos. The sclera is the white portion of the human eye, and there are techniques to tattoo it. But if you do that in Oklahoma, you’ll be violating the law.

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