Geometric Tattoos: Design Ideas and Meaning

Why Are Geometric Tattoo Designs Trendy? 

Geometry is a term that originates from Ancient Greece. But we can connect the first indications of this branch of mathematics to early people in ancient Babylonia and the Indus Valley. It’s hard to say where geometric tattoos originated since we’ve seen them in different cultures and religions. That includes ancient Egyptians but also people from Micronesian islands. 

Today, geometric tattoo designs are becoming popular again. These body art pieces find inspiration in patterns and shapes we see in the real world. They are trendy because they can have a specific meaning, but also for visual effects. Mixing geometric shapes is a perfect way of creating a stunning tattoo. Keep reading to learn more about this type of body art and get inspiration for your next tattoo! 

What Is the Meaning Behind Tattoo Shapes? 

In ancient times, people gave different geometric shapes various meanings. Today, those connections are only present to a certain extent. If you go with a simple geometric tattoo, choosing a meaningful shape is imperative. But if you plan an elaborate tattoo with multiple shapes, you might not want to focus on the meaning of every line. 

If you need suggestions to pick what’s a good fit, here is what you can choose as your geometric shape tattoo: 

  • Square. In ancient times, people considered this the symbol of the Earth. The precise square shape means stability and balance. It can remind you of the importance of not losing your temper and remaining truthful. 
  • Circle. You’ve heard about the circle of life, and you can use this symbol to present it. A circle features a harmonious shape and wholeness. Many experts use a circle as an outer layer for complex tattoos. 
  • Triangle. If you want to showcase strength, a triangle is a wise idea. In ancient times, triangles and pyramids were used to exhibit the connection between non-material and physical planes. Judaism has a triangle as the Star of David foundation, and the Holy Trinity in Christianity is also related to the triangle and the number three. 

If you pick a long line, it indicates courage and bravery. That would be an excellent idea for a geometric minimalist tattoo. You can also combine the shapes and overlap them to make the body art more attractive. 

Common Geometric Tattoo Designs 

Geometric tattoos offer a fascinating and unique finish that focuses on shapes and lines. They come in a variety of color combinations and designs. This can range from wholly abstract to a unique interpretation of a well-known image. Here are a few geometric tattoo ideas to get you started and to use as a photo reference when you schedule consultation to get your next piece done.


Geometric Animal Designs 

Animals are often present in geometric tattoo designs. Many creatures from the jungle look impressive if you create them with geometric shapes. Depending on your approach, you can feature the entire body or the animal’s head. You can pick depending on the aesthetics, but also the symbolism of a specific animal. 

Here are some frequent animal choices: 

  • Lion. The king of the jungle features strength, bravery, and honor. As a bonus, the lion’s mane makes them look impressive. It’s easy to recognize a lion from a distance, so it shouldn’t be a problem to create it from geometric shapes. 
  • Bear. If you want to exhibit physical and mental strength, a bear is an excellent choice. You often see males go for this tattoo, but some women also believe the bear is their spirit animal. This tattoo can be a reminder of your inner strength. 
  • Butterfly. The wings feature freedom, but butterflies are also symbols of rebirth and growth. Turning into a butterfly is the final phase of development and the most beautiful one. That’s why you use this creature to portray personal progress. 
  • Birds. It depends on the bird, but they usually symbolize freedom. Falcons and eagles can also show courage and strength. Travelers often choose birds on their geometric tattoos. 
  • Owls. These creatures symbolize wisdom, so you can use them as a reminder to think twice before doing something. Owls and elephants can both portray wisdom and also show someone you turn to for advice when necessary. 
  • Rabbit. The rabbit’s foot is a symbol of luck. Some cultures consider this animal to bring fertility and abundance. 
  • Pets. These are usually cats and dogs. Not just any, but those that you consider members of your family. A skilled artist can help portray your pet with geometric shapes. 

Abstract Geometric Tattoos 

Abstract tattoos don’t stick to clear rules and conventions you notice in other styles. These designs aim to stand out and be creative. They often feature the desired meaning without actually portraying it, which makes geometric shapes perfect for these tattoos. 

You can pick from different geometric tattoo designs and shapes for abstract tattoos. Since anything goes, you can mix animals, flowers, and other shapes. Abstract motives are perfect if you want to keep the real meaning of your tattoo private. You can put the tattoo on a visible part of your body but hide its actual meaning. 

Some other geometric tattoo styles to consider include: 

  • Black-work. The idea is to use contrast to emphasize specific tattoo areas. Despite only using black ink, these tattoos often look impressive. 
  • Pointillist tattoos. Some prefer to call this the dot work, and it takes a creative approach from the stylist. The artist uses dots of different sizes to make an image. 
  • Sketchy. The term refers to the fact that the tattoos remind of a sketch or drawing. This style is a great fit for geometric shapes. 
  • Modern. These use color and other details that ensure your tattoo looks contemporary. 

Geometric Mandala Designs 

Mandala is a common choice among tribal tattoos. You’ll find them in Eastern and African culture, but also Native American tribes. Mandala designs usually feature a circle with inner patterns. You have a large degree of creativity when choosing what to place inside those circles. 

Most assessments agree that a mandala tattoo features a universe. It’s up to you to choose what you’ll put in that universe. You can experiment with different geometric shapes to create stunning designs. Depending on the style, different colors can be a part of your tattoo. 

Geometric Floral Tattoos 

The Temple of Osiris from Ancient Egypt features the flower of life. It presents a mix of interlocking circles, which form different shapes. The flower of life tattoo gives a massive degree of creativity. If you observe it as a single piece, it represents unity. But you can also choose different sections for various shapes. 

Creative geometric tattoo ideas often include other flowers. You can use triangles to make a rose or lotus. Thanks to this mix, you can feature concepts like love, passion, and beauty in geometric tattoos. 

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